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Cold Air Manager, Air-conditioning Manager, General Services Executive, Purchasing Manager, Technical Manager or Director, Fluids and Utilities Manager, Design Office Manager, Project Manager, New Works Manager, Maintenance Manager, Exploitation Manager, Energy Manager, Environment Manager, Health Security and Environment Manager, Mission Manager, Buyer for Local Authorities and Service Enterprises (…)

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All companies which supply expertise or innovations in:
heating, ventilation and air-conditioning and Refrigeration.

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Heat pumps Instrumentation/Measuring devices Monitoring Centralized Technical Management Monitoring Centralized Building Management Smart software Home automation Electrical devices (wires/supports…) Circulators (heating installation) Pumps (coolant/refrigerant/…) Valves Safety valves/Solenoid valves Tubes/ Coupling/Fixations/Ducts Filters Compressors Heat exchangers Condensers/Evaporators Chillers (Ice water stations) Refrigeration station Atmospheric cooling tower Air coolers Cooling tower Engine (cogeneration) Fans Air conditioning equipment Air diffuser Chilled beams Ventilation system Housing ventilation Controlled mechanical ventilation Air treatment equipment Hot water tank DHW preparer Boilers/Steam generators Wood boilers Gas boilers Fuel boilers Fireplaces & stoves Water treatment equipment Radiators Insulation Solar thermal equipment Solar Photovoltaic equipment Soundproofing systems Maintenance tools and equipment Safety equipment (Fire..) (…)